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DWG016: Jorun Bombay 'Remixes: Vol.1' E.P.

Image of DWG016: Jorun Bombay 'Remixes: Vol.1' E.P.


The third installment from our Triple Threat bundle:

DWG016 - Jorun Bombay 'Remixes: Vol. 1' E.P.
(200 copies / sticker cover/ black vinyl)


- We expect to commence shipping on Saturday 14th April

- DWG016 features 8 full length remixes of classic tracks from this rising star:

A1: Bombay Symphony
A2: Don't Call it a Comeback
A3: Rhymes to the Beat
A4: Jorun's Story

B1: You Think I'm Losin'?
B2: Humpty Dumpty Fell Down
B3: No Sleep Til Halifax
B4: Rock La T

- All tracks are previously unreleased on vinyl

- This record is also available as part of the 'Triple Threat' bundle

No sound snippets for this one, YouTube is your friend...

Jorun Bombay on YouTube

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